Website Content Blueprint: The About Page

This post, is part 4 of our 5-part blueprint, we’re going to discuss the biography or about page.

Your about or bio page is typically the second most viewed page on your site, so we’re dedicating an entire lesson to creating a great online bio for you or your organization.

A bio can be a hard thing to write.  It’s about you, but it also needs to connect your skills, your personality and your passions to the needs of your patrons.  You want to take that extra step to make a personal connection.

Let’s face it, you are just one very tiny tiny part of the online world. There are literally millions of people clamoring for attention every single day.  How you explain who you are can open or shut the door to the potential relationship you can have with your visitors.

You want to capture who you are, but how much do you share?

You want your bio to be unforgettable, one that stays with your readers.  One that wants them to find out more.

I hope that in this lesson we will touch on some of the cornerstones to building a great bio.

Key ideas for writing a great bio

Write for your audience

You need to tailor your online bio to your niche.  Who is your music’s ideal consumer?  Write your bio like you are talking to that person. If you do this, your bio will be an incredibly useful tool.

Tell a Story

Your stories are what makes you who you are.  Let your readers in on these stories – these unique experiences will help you stand-out. Plus a well formed story will help your readers remember you.


Keep it simple!  No one wants to spend time going through your degrees or your story since birth.  If your training is important – sum it up in a sentence.  If you want to have a more detailed story about yourself, you can link to another page on your site with more content.

Include some Relevant Accomplishments

Often people want to list in their bios everything they’ve done and all the degrees they’ve earned, in chronological order.

Things Not to do on Your About Page

When you are crafting your about page, look at it from a storytelling angle instead of a fact sheet, choose relevant things to share but don’t share everything.

Don’t make your about page a copy of your resume. You want laser-focused information here. Make your accomplishments fit who you are serving and why you are doing what you do.

Leave them Wanting More

Leave your readers with a small taste—and an appetite for more. Make them curious about you. The only way to satisfy their need to know is by reading more of your content or contacting you to continue the conversation. Which brings me to the next point.

Make it Easy to Connect

Whether it’s a hyperlinked “email me” message in the text, a “find out more about me” with a link to a “Things I Believe” page, a formal contact form with check-off boxes for different inquiries, or a combination of these, the best about pages and online profiles have ways for visitors to engage with you.

Bio Photo

You can use the bio page as a place to use another photo to help support your brand.  Most websites feature a landscape header photo, your bio page is a place where you can use one of those portrait photos.

Some fun facts

The memorable bio writers are not afraid to show us a little bit of their souls. They might share something they have done in their lives that makes them truly unique. Or maybe they are passionate about a cause or had a childhood ambition that is directly connected to their life’s work today, and they tell us about that.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with this—if it fits your personality

I hope that these tips help you on the path to getting started at writing a great online bio.  

In the next lesson we are going to talk about blogging for musicians, why you need to consider doing it and some options that aren’t just writing.

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